PUBG Mobile: How to rank push to Conqueror in Season 19

PUBG Mobile is one of the highly-played battle royale games available online today and it certainly has a huge fan base globally.

The game features one of the most challenging tier systems through which the gamers can improve their mastery level in the game.

Conqueror is the greatest tier of this entire tier network in PUBG Mobile, and the majority of the players of the game constantly wish to accomplish it so that they can earn the Conqueror title as well as other tier rewards that come before.

Nonetheless, some PUBG Mobile players who are working to push their ranks in the game for the major period won’t be willing to understand the fundamentals of rank push in PUBG Mobile. That is exactly what we are going to discuss ahead.

In this article, we will be providing you some proven tips that are highly effective in pushing ranks to Conqueror as fast as possible in Season 19 of PUBG Mobile.

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How to rank push to Pubg Conqueror in Season 19

1. Controls and settings

PUBG Mobile Controls and settings

Controls and settings in the game have a very essential role to play. The players must have a proper understanding of their gameplay style and then plan their layout according to that.

This will not only benefit your gameplay style but also your skills.

The setup must be fully comfortable according to your requirements, which means that you can hold up your device easily and conveniently and enjoy your game without any interlude.

2. Device and internet connection

A nice mobile device along with a stable internet connection is extremely crucial while not just playing PUBG Mobile but any online game.

Players in the game who are trying to rank push to Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 19 must be having a good smartphone and data connection.

With an adequate device, they will be able to undergo limited frame drops in the last circles of the game.

This will ultimately help to obtain a greater number of kills and top positions in the game. With a strong internet connection, players will receive slight ping, and therefore, more bullets will associate with your opponents.

3. Landing

An important aspect of the game is where the players choose to land if they wish to survive longer in the match.

During the rank push to greater tiers such as Conqueror, it is extremely necessary to select your landing spot wisely. We recommend that the players land at those specific areas that they are already familiar with.

The players who prefer to play in an aggressive gameplay style can choose to go to Georgopol or Pochinki. All the players who play a bit passively can go on to land in large towns such as Yasnaya Polyana or Georgopol City.

4. Gather loot first

One of the most important ways to push your rank to Conqueror in Season 19 of PUBG Mobile is to collect loot.

The players will have to choose a precise location to land where they will be able to get access to a sufficient amount of loot including decent weapons, utilities, as well as vehicles.

Both Georgopolis City as well as Yasnaya Polyana are some of the best places in the game to land because of the abundance of loot.

5. Try Avoiding useless Fights

The next way to quickly push your rank is to prevent taking up unnecessary battles. In the final stages of the match, you can choose to put up with battles against your opponents.

6. Importance of kills and survival

The players must be fully aware of the importance of kills as well as survival points for the Conqueror rank push in PUBG Mobile.

The advised survival time to receive better plus tier points is around 20-22 minutes for every match.

To receive at least 15-20 tier points in every match, the players must get on with 4 to 5 kills in the game. With this, they will be able to achieve the Conqueror much quicker.

7. Teammate support

pubg mobile Teammate support

Whether you are playing duo or squad mode for pushing your rank to Conqueror in PUBG Mobile, it is a good idea to go with nothing but only the best team members for your match.

During your game, you may have to face a lot of tough circumstances where you will highly require a teammate’s aid as well as cover fire.

On the other hand, if you push your ranks with any random team members in your game, you will most likely end up getting defeated merely in the early stages of the match which will result in negative tier points for you.

Talking about Solo rank push, nonetheless, it is just the reflexes, as well as the aiming skills of the particular player, are what matters.

8. Vehicles and utilities

The importance of the use of vehicles as well as utilities keeps increasing when you go on to attain higher tiers like Ace and Conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

Vehicles in the game deliver hardcovers in the last zones of the match when the gamers find themselves stuck in empty fields. They also prove to be very helpful in bringing about fast rotations to safe areas.

Utilities in the PUBG Mobile game comprise grenades as well as healing items. Gamers can make use of frag grenades to hurry onto opponent squads; and smoke grenades for short cover.

9. Use different weapons

You must make sure that you use the appropriate kind of weapons in the game and should also keep switching and select different types of weapons to play.


All of these tips and tricks combined will work wonders to help your rank push to PUBG Conqueror in Season 19.

It is no rocket science to quickly accomplish this highest tier of the game and anyone can easily do that just by playing a little smart!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Has PUBG Mobile Season 19 released?

Yes, Season 19 of PUBG Mobile was released on 17th May 2021. Unlike the 1.4 updates of PUBG Mobile, this one is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile phones; instead, it gets automatically installed at the loading screen of your game.

2. How much does the Royale Pass cost in Season 19?

You can get both a free PUBG Mobile Royale Pass as well as an Elite Pass for Season 19. The former one is, of course, free of cost, however, the Elite Pass will cost you 600 UC in the game.

Apart from this, there’s also the Royale Pass Elite Plus for PUBG Mobile Season 19 which will cost you 1,800 UC.

3. What is the difference between the three different Royale passes in Season 19?

Free Royale Pass: This pass is open to all the gamers in PUBG Mobile. You will earn Royale Points (RP) by finishing off different missions, items from crates, and much more for ranking up to 60.

Royale Pass Elite: You can gain rewards much sooner and rank up quicker from the Elite missions. You will instantly receive 4,000 UC worth of in-game rewards.

Royale Pass Elite Plus: It includes everything that is there in the Elite Pass. You moreover get 25 ranks unlocked immediately, at 40% off the Elite Pass contribution. You instantly get access to 10,000 UC worth of in-game rewards.

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