How To Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue & Frame Drops 2021

A lot of modern mobile games these days have been pushing this game genre to great heights including PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Fortnite, and much more.

Even the mobile phones that you use are now equipped with some of the best features and processors. We can certainly witness the quality getting improved every day.

Talking about mobile games, PUBG Mobile is among the most popular battle royale games that are played by millions of players worldwide.

However, a decent number of gamers often keep complaining about a few issues in the game that include lags as well as frame drops. Issues like these are certainly very annoying for everyone and end up ruining the thrill of the game.

If you face similar issues, you don’t have to worry anymore because, in this article, we are going to provide you with some very effective tricks for Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue and frame drops.

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How To Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue & Frame Drops 2021

1. Using the GFX Tool

Using the GFX Tool
Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue

The GFX tool is among the best tools that are easily available on the Google Play Store on your mobile phone and can assist you in unlocking 60 Fps.

It also cuts down on the PUBG Mobile lag as it offers different graphics options such as So Smooth which works to get rid of any undue graphics in the game and therefore, curtails the occurring lag & Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue.

To Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue on your device by using this GFX tool, simply follow all the steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your mobile device and enter GFX Tool in the navigation area
  • Download and install either of the GFX tools that you find in the top section of the search results
  • Launch the tool and then choose the Game Version. Just tap on the version of your specific PUBG mobile game that you had installed earlier on your mobile device
  • Replace the graphics mode with So Smooth while making the Graphics resolution to 1280×720
  • Select the Colorful style and mainly, select the option of 60 FPS in the GFX FPS column for getting the greatest FPS in your game
  • Disable Shadows and Light Effects. Now, change Rendering Quality to Low
  • Turn on Save Control settings which are going to be useful whenever you wish to save your customized controls in the PUBG mobile game
  • Turn on GPU optimization that will work to decrease undue effects and will help in fixing the rendering lag in the game
  • Save all of these Settings and then go on to play the game. You will easily know that now the PUBG mobile game on your device is operating much better and smoother in comparison to how it was earlier.

2. Enabling Overclock Mode

The majority of the gaming mobile devices are available in the market featuring the ability to Overclock its processor as well as the GPU both of which play a crucial part in optimizing any high-end games on your device.

Overclocking just means enhancing the Clock frequency on the Processor as well as the GPU of your device to operate sooner as compared to the prior clock speed.

For enabling Overclock Mode on your device, just head over to the Settings on the phone and look for Overclock. Once you have located it, enable the Overclock Mode by just clicking on it.

The majority of the mid-range, as well as the low-end mobile devices, lack the Overclock Mode feature.

Hence, if you are not able to find it on your phone, it’s because your mobile phone probably does not support Overclocking.

If you attempt to overclock your mobile device externally using certain software, then there is a high probability that your mobile phone may get corrupted or stop operating at all.

3. Deleting cache

Deleting cache
Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue

You can delete all the cache on your mobile device as it will help you to free up a significant part of the memory on your device.

In case your device is running on low storage, this undue cache can become a great obstacle for your phone.

4. Uninstalling Unwanted Applications

Get rid of any unwanted applications on your mobile device that would end up freeing up your RAM usage to a significant extent and would also free up some space on the internal memory of your device.

According to PUBG Mobile requirements, the device needs to have at least 2 GB of RAM.

Hence, you should always keep in mind to uninstall any undue applications on your mobile device which will help in freeing up the majority of the RAM storage.

To uninstall such undue applications from your mobile device, simply head over to the Device Settings and then tap on Apps Management.

After this, uninstall all excessive applications that you no longer need. Once you are finished, just restart your mobile phone once.

5. Charging the Device Before Playing PUBG Mobile

Make sure that you are never playing the PUBG Mobile game or in fact, any other game while the battery on your mobile phone is less than 20% as there won’t be enough power for CPU cores as well as GPU, which eventually results in a lot of lags in the PUBG mobile game.

Hence, players must always try to charge their mobile devices up to 70-80% before they continue playing the PUBG Mobile game or any other games on their phone.

6. Restricting background applications

Restricting background applications
Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue

If you are having a mobile device with 2GB RAM or higher, then you must choose to restrict any applications that are running in the background.

These applications take up a lot of RAM, and some of these also consume your internet so that their services keep running.

You can restrict such applications by moving into Settings > App Management > Installed Apps.

When you click on the installed apps, you will be able to see the entire list of applications that are currently installed on your mobile device.

You can choose the application that you don’t wish to operate in the background by choosing Power Saver > Don’t Run in Background.

7. Closing all background applications

Just like restricting all the background applications, gamers must also close all background applications before they fire up the game.

These background applications take up a significant portion of your device’s RAM, which further impacts the smoothness of your game.

8. Enabling Data Saving

Data Saving is a feature that works to limit all the applications in the background for using the internet.

Gamers can try turning on the Data Saving mode while playing the PUBG Mobile game as well as untick any other unwanted applications apart from PUBG Mobile.

This will allow the game to utilize the full network, which will assist in lowering the ping.

9. Reducing graphics

The smoothness in your gameplay is highly dependent on the mobile phone that you are using to play PUBG Mobile.

For getting some of the most suitable frame rates, you can try decreasing the graphics in the PUBG Mobile game. This will help in giving them increased frame rates as well as lesser lag.

10. Disabling the option of auto-update and sync in the Google Play Store

There is a feature in the Google Play Store that automatically updates all the applications on your mobile device as soon as a new update is made available.

This certainly consumes a lot of data, which can result in increasing the ping while you are playing the PUBG Mobile game.

When you choose to disable this feature, they will need to manually organize the data. This also implies that no internet is going to get utilized for this t Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue.

11. Disabling Battery Optimization

All the modern Android mobile devices feature Battery Optimization settings that aim to save your mobile’s battery by decreasing the performance of your phone.

For disabling Battery Optimization on your mobile phone, simply head over to battery settings. Click on the option of battery saver and select PUBG Mobile. Just tap on No restrictions.

This will help to deliver a better gaming experience while playing the game. It will disable the feature of Battery Optimization just for the PUBG Mobile game, which will help to conserve the mobile battery.

12. Choosing the correct server

The majority of the players in PUBG Mobile l generally play on any random server instead of using their nearest server to play the game.

Gamers can prefer to check their server ping before they go on to jump into the game. Keep in mind that you should always choose to play on only those servers with the lowest ping.

It helps in reducing immediate PUBG mobile Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue while you are playing.

13. Using the mic only when required

In this game, your microphone makes use of extra bandwidth for carrying the voice of the gamer while they are playing PUBG Mobile.

Gamers who often get to experience a lot of lags must go on to turn off the voice chat feature and make use of text for any kind of communication in the game.

Although it may seem to be annoying, it is certainly going to help you fix the issue of PUBG Mobile lag while you play as you need a strong internet connection for voice transfer.

14. Using WiFi connection

The PUBG Mobile game needs a strong internet connection to operate properly and hence, all the players are recommended to use a good WiFi connection during the gameplay.

This will make room for a much better as well as smoother gaming experience excluding all the lags in the game & Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue.


These were 14 different methods of Fixed PUBG Mobile Lag Issue and frame drops in your beloved PUBG Mobile and getting the fun of the game back. All of them have been tested and proven to be highly effective.

We hope that this article worked in the best way for you. Have fun conquering!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are there any chances of getting banned if I use the GFX tool for PUBG Mobile?

The simple answer to the question is Yes. As you would know, the GFX tool is a third-party method and it makes certain changes in the internal files of PUBG Mobile. Hence, you are likely to get banned from playing PUBG Mobile if you use this tool.

However, the probability of this ban is too low. We recommend that you choose the safe options of GFX tools that are easily available on the Google Play Store. Make sure that you don’t get access to the GFX tool through any third-party websites.

Q2. How can I fix lags in PUBG Mobile?

There are a lot of useful methods for fixing PUBG mobile lag such as by installing the GFX tool, disabling Auto-Adjust Graphics, enabling overclock mode, uninstalling unwanted Applications, deleting cache, disabling Battery Saver, and so on. We have mentioned all the methods in detail in this article.

Q3. Why do I keep facing lags in PUBG mobile?

Lag in PUBG Mobile may occur when the device that you’re using fails to meet the basic requirements of playing the game smoothly. This is most likely to occur if you are using a low-end mobile phone, and you are certainly going to experience a lot of lag while you play the game.

You may also come across a Ping issue when your internet connection is poor. We suggest that you always try playing PUBG mobile with a good WiFi connection on your mobile phone.

Q4. How long does the PUBG Mobile ban last?

Once you get caught by the anti-cheat system of PUBG mobile, you are straight away going to get banned for an entire decade. Your PUBG Mobile id will result in getting locked for the next 10 years.

If you wish to learn the reason behind your PUBG Mobile ban, you may choose to visit the Customer Service and ask for the circumstances which led the PUBG Anti-Cheat System to ban you.

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