BGMI Character List 2021 | How to Unlock All BGMI Character for Free

Battlegrounds Mobile India Battle Royale game has finally entered the Indian gaming community.

The big launch has arrived with a lot of special in-game characters to enhance the enticement of the game players.

Every former PUBG character is now back for you as the BGMI character in the game and features certain special kinds of abilities that provide advances in your game.

If you are someone searching for a good BGMI character for you & trying to learn how to get free character vouchers to unlock them for free, then you’re just at the right place.

As per their preferences, BGMI players can go on to pick anyone out of the BGMI character list that features four distinct special characters of the game.

There are a couple of ways to unlock each one of them and in this article, we will primarily tell you how to unlock them for free.

Now without any further ado, let’s have a closer look at the BGMI character list:

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BGMI Character List and Their Prices

  • Victor:  Free
  • Sara:   600 UC
  • Carlo:  1200 UC
  • Andy:   1200 UC

1. Victor

BGMI Character Victor

First, on our BGMI Character list is Victor. Victor was the first-ever special PUBG character that was launched in the famous battle royale game, PUBG mobile.

This character is available for all the BGMI players completely free of cost.

The special thing about the character is that Victor has firearm mastery of reducing the all-around reloading time whenever a BGMI player uses a submachine gun (SMG).

This character primarily cuts down the reloading time of submachine guns by almost 4% and it ultimately gets on to 5.5% whenever the character moves toward Level 2.

Hence, Victor reduces the overall reload time in the submachine guns to an utmost of 10% when it achieves Level 9.

Apart from this, the character features three distinct kinds of upgraded outfits, which include Legendary Conquest, Scorching Armor, and Alloy Armor besides its default outfit.

How to Unlock Victor

If you wish to get your hands on the Victor character free, you will simply need to tap on the tab that highlights Workshop and choose the specific character.

After doing so, you will be able to see the character arising on the screen of your device along with a detailed description of how its story, skills, emotes, outfits, as well as voice, are.

You will also probably see a clickable button for getting Victor free right below the character for using it.

2. Carlo

BGMI character Carlo

Carlo, as the majority of the players, speak, is the most good-looking BGMI character in the Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile game.

He comes with an outstanding outfit along with a fantastic hairstyle. Apart from this, Carlo also features a unique ability to deduct fall damage by nearly 24% when you promote it to Level 9 in the BGMI game.

How to Unlock Carlo

Players will need to pay a fee of 1200UC or a character voucher for getting access to the Carlo character in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

However, you can also get it for free by following a few simple steps, which we have provided below:

  • Head over to the Events column to look at all the event missions. Here, you will need to finish off various missions for collecting a lot of free rewards.
  • After you have finally succeeded in obtaining the necessary amount of BGMI character vouchers, you must move to the Workshop for choosing the Carlo character.
  • Ultimately, you will need to tap on the unlock button for getting the Carlo character in your game.

3. Sara

BGMI character Sara

Sara has always been the only female special PUBG character that was launched in the famous PUBG mobile game.

The special part about this character is that it improves the durability of the vehicles.

Once you upgrade this character entirely, you can expect to raise the durability of a vehicle to up to almost 10percent.

How to Unlock Sara

You will need to unlock the Sara character in Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile by wielding 600 different character vouchers available for free.

Apart from this, you can also choose to pay 600UC for getting your hands on the respective special character.

4. Andy

Andy’s character in Battlegrounds Mobile India was the most recent expansion in the PUBG character list of special PUBG mobile game characters.

This character can go on to boost the gun drawing along with putting away speed to nearly up to 16% once you fully upgrade it.

How to Unlock Andy

For getting your hands on the Andy character, you will need to pay 1200 character vouchers or 1200 UC.

Anyway, if you wish to unlock the character for free, you can go on to participate in the launch event of the Andy character.

For this, you will need to follow a few easy steps for unlocking it in your game. Let’s have a look:

  • Start by launching the Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile game on the device you are using.
  • Head over to the puppet show event of the Andy character.
  • Now, you will need to click on the option of the puppet show. With this, you will receive some free character vouchers.
  • You will need to collect a total of 60 character vouchers to be able to unlock the Andy character in Battlegrounds Mobile India for free.

How to Get BGMI Free Character Vouchers

If you wish to get your hands on all of the BGMI characters that we mentioned above free of cost, without having to spend any real cash, then you will be required to have some character vouchers.

A character voucher in the game is simply like a coupon code that includes points and all the BGMI players can make use of these points just like UC (Unknown Cash).

Bear in mind, these character vouchers will only help you to unlock the respective character.

You can either use it as a discount offer or you can get access to the specific character for free by using these character vouchers.

Below, we have provided some easy steps for you to follow that will explain exactly how to get free character vouchers in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • First and foremost, you will need to launch the Battlegrounds Mobile India application on the respective device that you are using.
  • Now head over to the events column.
  • You will now need to move to a new event there.
  • After you have arrived at the section of a new event, take a look at the section of rewards where you can get your hands on free character vouchers after finishing off a specific mission.
  • You will need to get done with all the missions that are provided there.
  • Make sure to obtain the maximum number of character vouchers that you can.
  • Finally, make use of these character vouchers for unlocking your favorite BGMI character in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

The Best BGMI Character 2021

Keeping in mind all the abilities of all of the BGMI mobile characters that we mentioned above, we reckon that Sara is the best BGMI character out of all.

The main reason behind this is that whenever a BGMI gamer travels in vehicles in the game, they often have to tackle vehicle explosions.

Fortunately, with this female Sara character, players can improve the durability of their vehicle to a great extent and travel in it safely and comfortably for a relatively long period in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

Final Words

Every BGMI character of Battlegrounds Mobile India game is powerful and features a specific set of abilities.

You can pick any one of them but make sure that you give preference to only the skills and choose the one that fits you the best. Have fun conquering the battlegrounds!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is the most-liked BGMI Character?

Each one of the characters in the Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile is very strong and effective, however, over time, Carlo came to be the most liked character in the game. The emotes as well as outfits of Carlo have always been well-liked by all the gamers.

After Carlo, BGMI players have also shown great love to the Andy character. Both of these characters are very impressive and you can go on to play with any of these but make sure to remember that the skills of a character are essentially everything.

Q2. How to Unlock a BGMI Character?

You can make use of your UC (Unknown Cash) if you wish to unlock any BGMI character. We prepared this guide on how to get free character vouchers as UC rates are a bit costly and not everyone can afford them or choose to spend real cash on them, which include the majority of student players.

You can easily get your hands on BGMI character vouchers exactly in the way that we described above and then use them for unlocking your favorite BGMI character completely free of cost.

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