Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Status 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is the Indian version of the famous battle royale game, PUBG Mobile India is on its way to get released in the country while a great number of viewers await the big launch.

With all the excitement around the corner, a lot of questions are coming up in the minds of the Indian gaming community too.

The majority of these concerns revolve around the working as well as the intricacies of the new game.

Having said that, one of the most prominent of these is how to know if Battlegrounds Mobile India servers are down.

Undoubtedly, Battlegrounds Mobile India test server status may be troublesome to track which usually leads to a lot of frustration among the players when they repeatedly attempt to log in to the game and continuously get denied.

Here’s what we have to tell you about the Battlegrounds Mobile India server status. 

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Status 2021

To check whether the servers are down for Battlegrounds Mobile India, the first and essentially the most effective way is to go and check all the official Twitter accounts of the game.

Similar to PUBG Mobile, players will usually find all the updates on the availability of the servers of Battlegrounds Mobile India on these official Twitter handles.

As of now, the only official account for Battlegrounds Mobile India is @pubgmobile__in. The overall primary support of the game is featured on @pubg_support.

The major purpose of this account is to provide official server status updates for the global version.

Once you go to the account and scroll through it, simply search for the latest tweet on the account that addresses the servers.

These accounts not only update the server status when it’s down but also on other days due to scheduled maintenance.

However, in case you can’t find the server status addressed on either of the Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts, just try to restart your game client or check if your internet connection is stable enough.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Cross-server matchmaking

Recently, we could see a very detailed video going up by Abhijeet Andhare who is one of the most famous PUBG Mobile pro’s and is popularly known by the name of ‘Ghatak’.

In that video, Ghatak answered a good number of important questions which were demanding to be addressed by a lot of people from the gaming community.

He mentioned that Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers will not be able to play with any other servers and only with Indian gamers.

Therefore, cross-server gameplay is unlikely in Battlegrounds Mobile India as of now.

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Down servers in the game can be problematic especially when you are too thrilled to play your game. However, you can easily check the server status of Battlegrounds Mobile India and come back to enjoy your game when it’s fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

It is quite simple to pre-register for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. All you have to do is go to the listing of the game on the Google Play store and there you will see the button “Pre-register”.

Simply click on it and you’re done! Note that pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is not available for iOS users yet.

The game developers have also confirmed that the gamers will automatically receive their rewards as soon as the game releases in the country.

2. When will Battlegrounds Mobile India release?

Although the game developers haven’t announced any official date for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country, a lot of sources have indicated the release date to be 18th of June, 2021.

3. Will Battlegrounds Mobile India be only available for the Indian subcontinent?

Yes, the Battlegrounds Mobile India game will only be available for the Indian subcontinent. This has been done to prevent laws and privacy.

4. What is the official website to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The official website for pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is

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