Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Release Date 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India has already been announced nationwide, however, its release has still not been officially disclosed. Pre-registrations for the game have started for Android devices too via the Google Play Store.

The developer of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has published some details on the gameplay as well as pre-registration rewards.

They have furthermore presented the privacy policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India or Battlegrounds Mobile India. Nonetheless, the official release date has still not been published.

Having said that, a lot of sources have informed that Battlegrounds Mobile India is most likely set for release on 18 June 2021. Let’s see what we have to inform you about Battlegrounds Mobile India release date.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Release Date 2021

Sagar Thakur, who is a famous esports player, goes by the name Maxtern on all the social media handles. He informed that the official release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is 18 June 2021.

On 27 May 2021, one of the tweets made by Sagar included binary digits translating to 18 June. This date was the same as the one that was previously dropped for Battlegrounds Mobile India release date.

In that tweet, Sagar may have been suggesting the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India as 18 June. Apart from this, content creator Ghatak whose real name is Abhijit Andhare had also previously dropped hints that the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India may be during the third week of June.

However, on the contrary, according to the community of Battlegrounds Mobile India, it is believed that the release is going to take place on 10th June.

This is because last month, Krafton had published a poster displaying the level 3 helmet placed above some source of light, which is presumed to be the sun.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Release Date 2021

According to the community, this poster depicts a solar eclipse, and as the subsequent one is scheduled for 10th June, Battlegrounds Mobile India could be released on that exact date.

However, if we talk about Krafton, they still haven’t said anything about the official release date for Battlegrounds Mobile India yet.

As mentioned by IGN India, Krafton has been leaking the details on the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India via different content creators instead of declaring openly the release date themselves.

According to the publication, this will provide the game developers some sort of reasonable deniability in case anything goes wrong with the launch.

Furthermore, as we could see from the game teasers by Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to comprise a minimum of two maps, Erangel and Sanhok from Battlegrounds mobile.

The game developers also indicated that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be having slightly lower system requirements. Users can also use it on gadgets that even have 2GB RAM capacity.

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