BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Cross Platform Support 2021: Everything We Know

Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to release in India soon with its amazing features like Skins, Royale Pass, and much more.

It will comprise a multiplayer mode and a wide variety of maps such as Livik, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. The major difference between the new version and the old one will be the gameplay, security, tournaments, and others.

Moreover, the game data is only going to be stored on the servers of India, allowing no cross-server matchmaking.

However, Battlegrounds Mobile India Cross platform support remains a mystery for some. Let’s see what we have to tell you.

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What does Cross-Play mean?

Cross-play games are the ones that you can play online with various gaming systems. For instance, someone would want to play a game on their Xbox One with their friend who is using a PS4.

What does Cross-Play mean

The feature has been gaining attention as it offers greater versatility as well as gameplay features.

Cross-Platform Support in Battlegrounds Mobile India

In simple words, Battlegrounds Mobile India does feature cross-platform support, but not for all the players. In any form, the feature Cross-play remains new in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The game has earlier been available for PS4, PC, Xbox one for a long while but console cross-play was added only in October of 2019.

Having done that, many different player pools of Xbox One and PS4 versions of Battlegrounds Mobile got combined and it further allowed tournaments and leagues to be packed with a wide variety of players using both the consoles.

This made the task of filling a lobby with different players and having the match going simple and quick. 

Although the game got the player pools combined with that, users were only able to dorm parties with other players on their consoles.

However, that was modified in February 2020 when the game released its update of cross-party play. With this update, a combined friends list was launched that allowed the players to see their friends on their network be it PlayStation Live or Xbox Live, and also a list of their friends in the game on the other network.

Users of PlayStation and Xbox were now able to form squads as well as jump together into the game irrespective of the platform they are on.

A little later, in April 2020, the game also appeared on Google Stadia.

It is worth noting that although the game is available for users of PC as well as mobile phones apart from the consoles, these platforms are not involved in the cross-platform pool of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

 For now, players who will be using their PC or mobile devices to play Battlegrounds Mobile India will only be able to play matches with the players that are using the same platform as them.

The game developers don’t appear to be changing their plans on this anytime soon.

Why will Battlegrounds Mobile India feature no cross-platform support for PC users?

Although it may seem a bit frustrating that Battlegrounds Mobile India won’t have cross-play for mobile or PC users, the truth is that there is a good idea behind this.

Battlegrounds Mobile India revolves around the player’s skills and what makes certain players stand out from the crowd is their capabilities of reacting swiftly to their opponent players and defeating them with their perfect aims.

If the player pool of this game was entirely combined at every platform, it would get extremely hard for mobile users to even stand a chance against their enemies.

Players using a PC that has a more precise keyboard as well as mouse controls will be dominating against most players.

Pre-Registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India are now live in India. If you wish to pre-register for the game, simply enter ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ in the search box of your Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Pre-registration of Battleground Mobile India

Now, click on the option of ‘pre-register. You may also prefer to download the game automatically after it officially releases in India.

However, Krafton has still not announced anything about pre-registrations on iOS devices. A lot of game lovers are eagerly waiting to pre-register on their iOS gadgets and it has finally been revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be releasing soon for iOS users too.

However, for now, it is only compatible with Android devices with Android 5.1.1 or higher and 2GB RAM.

Exciting rewards

The game developers had announced that the Players who will pre-register for the game will certainly be gifted with a few exclusive rewards.

battleground mobile india exciting rewards

These rewards comprise 300 AG, Recon Outfit, Recon Mask, as well as a Celebration Expert Title. These are exclusively for Indian players only. Users can collect their rewards when the game releases in the country.


A lot of you have been too thrilled ever since the news of the Battlegrounds Mobile India release came out. You must be aware of what the game has in store for you beforehand to avoid any extra hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is Battlegrounds Mobile India going to release?

Although game developers haven’t provided an official date for the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India yet, the game is expected to launch on 18 June 2021 according to a few sources.

2. Who is the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is created as well as released by a renowned company from South Korea, Krafton Inc.

Tencent Games was the company to bring the game to mobile devices earlier while it was initially launched only for PC.

However, after the game was banned in India, Krafton discarded Tencent and took total control over the game.

3. Is Battlegrounds Mobile India only limited to India?

Krafton, the game developer, had declared that Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to be available entirely for the players in India.

This implies that for anyone living outside India, it is impossible to pre-register or play the game.

However, it is not certain whether the players of Battlegrounds Mobile India are going to be able to join matches of Battlegrounds Mobile global players or not.

4. Is Battlegrounds Mobile India going to be different from Battlegrounds Mobile?

The two versions of the game are going to feature only a few differences. You are going to notice a lesser amount of bloodshed as compared to the previous version and players will be completely equipped before landing on any map.

The blood is now going to be green rather than red. Achievements and player IDs in Battlegrounds Mobile will probably not be maintained. The game is also expected to feature a lot of exclusive items and events.

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